Introducing Myself with Yano and Yuri

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Introducing Myself with Yano and Yuri Empty Introducing Myself with Yano and Yuri

Post by Xiu©Xiu on Thu Feb 12, 2015 8:26 pm

I might as well introduce myself because some you might not know me from the other forum.

I'm Sipha, as of right now I owned 2 chins. I got my first male lemon chin in August 2014 his name is Yano DOB 5/08/2014. Yano is the best dog I could ever ask for. He can be really stubborn sometimes, but he always listens to me and is a fast learner. The bad thing about Yano is he might have PTSD, thats just my call because he still has anixety with noises and people and it hasn't been improving since we got him.

In December we decided to get Yano a playmate, a black and white female her name is Yuri DOB 8/30/14. Did we make the right decision? I have to be honest that there were times that we regretted our decision. We had Yuri for almost 3 months now. Supposedly Yuri comes from a champion bloodline, not sure that'll mean anything, because she's very difficult to train. She hasn't learn the full concept of you don't piss or poop where you sleep. Yuri has severe anxiety issues. She will piss and poop all over her crate if she's left alone even for 30 mins. Yuri is a cuddler she likes to cuddle next to me. She's a true lap dog. So right now I'm just being patient and still love her as much as Yano, maybe just a bit less hehe.

You will see me refer to them as my kids alot because they are my kids and they are just as spoiled as any kids could be.

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Introducing Myself with Yano and Yuri Empty Re: Introducing Myself with Yano and Yuri

Post by djhme on Wed Mar 25, 2015 3:22 pm

How is Yuri's training going? Also, if you want to get her something that may help to calm her nerves, I would check out Pet Wellbeing website. The owner is a vet, and she will answer your questions within 24 hours. Even if she doesn't sell a product to help you, she will suggest one! She's pretty amazing and I rely on that website big time.

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