I Have A Question About My Chin's Behavior

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I Have A Question About My Chin's Behavior

Post by DoubleChins on Tue Aug 11, 2015 8:33 pm

One of my Chins, my male Kobe, has a weird habit that I was wondering if anyone is familiar with? Or if any of their Chins has ever exhibited this behavior? Almost every time, after coming in during the evening from going "potty", he picks up one of his stuffed toys and while keeping it in his mouth the entire time, does a "walk about" around the house for fifteen to twenty minutes. He only does this after coming in from outside and only during the evening hours. I have never had another dog do this before. And I have never heard of anyone else's dog exhibiting this behavior. I think that this action is funny and a little strange, and I have always wondered why he needs to perform this.


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