The Love Of My Life, My Precious, Sweet Girl, Tia, Is No Longer With Us

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The Love Of My Life, My Precious, Sweet Girl, Tia, Is No Longer With Us Empty The Love Of My Life, My Precious, Sweet Girl, Tia, Is No Longer With Us

Post by DoubleChins on Thu Aug 06, 2015 12:50 am

Hi All,

I just wanted to mention that the love of my life, my precious, sweet, gorgeous, intelligent girl is no longer with us.  She was 16 years and 16 days old and had to be put down on the 16th day of this past April.

 BTW, our house address is number 16 and we are in our house 16 years.  Guess the number 16 is pretty significant.  

I had to make the decision to put down my precious little girl after she was unable to recover from an eye procedure that ultimately made her so sick that it led to her death.  

My Tia had a severe right eye cataract that resulted in causing such severe glaucoma that the rapidly increasing high eye pressure needed a procedure to alleviate it.  I never knew that a severe cataract could cause glaucoma before this. This cataract also caused her to lose her vision and she was almost totally blind the last three weeks of her life.  She underwent the eye procedure with no problems but, unfortunately, her little body was unable to recover from this stress and she stopped eating, unless force fed, and she subsequently stopped drinking on her last day too.  She started to go down hill right after the procedure, barely eating wrecked havoc with her little body so much, that within a week she became so sick and weak, I think her body was starting to shut down, and on the final day she became unable to stand and had just started to moan softly.  To prevent her  from going downhill any further I made the  decision to end her suffering.  I promised my dogs that they would never suffer, so I made the humane decision when I and the vet knew it was time.  It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made, as I have done it before, and saying goodbye forever to my furbaby was almost unbearable, but I knew it was the right thing to do, the humane thing for her.  

Life is not the same without my little girl and I miss her terribly. I know that I should be grateful that she had such a long, happy, loving life, but it is very very difficult. Thankfully my other dog, my little boy Kobe, has not been displaying any symptoms of grief or missing her, although I think this is very strange after they were together for almost 14 years.  I even think my Kobe is happy that he now does not have to share and gets all the attention.

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