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Post by jazzysmom on Fri Jun 12, 2015 7:29 pm

Hello everyone, I have been absent from the forum for quite a long time. When I went to the old forum recently, I discovered that it sadly has closed. I am very happy to have found many of you here at the new forum.

I will re-introduce myself. My name is Sue and I am owned by one very charming, playful, bossy chin named Jazzy. He and his sidekick, DJ (a Keeshond), are both rescued from the same nearby shelter in Pennsylvania. Not much is known about how they spent the first year of their lives, as they were picked up as strays. Jazzy is about six years old now, and a flurry of fluffy personality!

It seems that I cannot choose a font in the text portion of this message, so I hope you all can read this. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your group!

Sue, Jazzy, DJ

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Post by djhme on Sun Jul 19, 2015 9:45 am

Hi Sue,

Unfortunately nothing is happening here on this forum.  (I am the moderator and stopped checking the forum back in May due to lack of activity.  That's why I just saw your note now.)  The original Everything Chin forum was supposed to shut down in February, but it never did. Mike was paying for it, and he and his wife bought an RV and started traveling the nation.  He warned us that he'd stopped paying for the Everything Chin website yet it's never gone down.  So now we've all gone back over there because this site never took off.  I was the primary poster on this site, and I guess I don't have enough to say on my own.

Actually since Vicki died last July (screen name ChinForMe), even the Everything Chin forum has been quiet.  She was a moderator and active daily.  Chiraffe is still there, but I'm not sure she's checking it as there are several unanswered posts from weeks ago.

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